The Ballad of the Windfish

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Submitted by zeldafreak1312 on Wed, 2011 Aug 17 - 16:09

A truly mystical piece, it makes me want to play the game just so I can hear it again. Great job, Fox, and I hope you make more!

Submitted by Burnt_spaghetti on Sun, 2013 Sep 29 - 11:26

Love this song. Im curious on what exact instrument plays the tune as its not a normal flute ( I play it so I should know). I'm thinking along the lines of a picalo or a pan flute but I don't know. Either way, beautifully magical-especially with the choir bits

Submitted by TwiliLinky on Sun, 2015 Jan 18 - 08:36

This song is just amazing, I always well up with tears when I hear this song...The best cover of the Ballad of the Windfish I have heard on RH!