Kakariko Prom

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Submitted by ColinKuna on Wed, 2011 Oct 05 - 13:52

This was literally perfect! It sounds just like the music they played at my prom!

Submitted by the1zeldafan on Sat, 2011 Nov 12 - 13:03

i like how the princable treatens some students at the end XD ahahahahahahahaha

Submitted by RadioDemise on Sun, 2014 Feb 23 - 23:04

He was only repeating what someone yelled at the beginning. Oh, and it's not "No your wrong.", it's "No, you're wrong."

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Tue, 2013 Apr 23 - 23:14

This is so funny. And the song was great! Does sound like prom lol. I was waiting for some kind of hick thing. After hearing the beginning... And because of the fact that its kakariko... :p

Submitted by Iscofo on Fri, 2013 Oct 18 - 03:27

The principle sounds like one of the major class clowns at my school ... hmm...