Wind Waker Unplugged

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Submitted by Kirbyfury on Mon, 2011 Nov 07 - 00:05

Here's the link to youtube where you can see FreddeGredde playing all the parts to the medley! -

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Nov 17 - 19:20

*Ahem* Excuuuuse me Princess, Ruto, I believe Princess Zelda is in charge. She has the force of Light that I wish to possess, anyways. Let's take over Hyrule....together. Haha!!

Submitted by Wyst on Fri, 2014 Nov 21 - 20:47

I have a smile on my face. :-D This song does encapsulate the feel good vibes of WW.

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Thu, 2012 Oct 04 - 00:26

I just absolutely love this song! The first time I heard it, I was in complete shock! It's utterly the most amazing all of Legend of Zelda songs I've ever heard by far! :D