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Submitted by XOrdinary on Thu, 2011 Sep 08 - 01:25

Great composition, instruments...everything! I was reading a textbook for school while I listened to this song, and I suddenly realized this song had been going for a while...I checked how long it was and found that it was over 19 minutes long! Hahaha!

Submitted by blhand26 on Wed, 2011 Nov 23 - 10:13

The same thing happened to me when I first heard the song a while back. It was either new or popular a couple of years ago and it seemed like it was on ALL the time. I got headaches from listening to it. Eventually I got mega sick of the song. LOL Every time I saw that it came on I muted my volume till it was over. Oddly enough it brings back good memories, so I will now listen to it with an open mind. Hope I like it. :)

(After listening to the song) Wasn't so horrible, in fact it was pretty good. Glad I listened to it again, but the tag is correct when it says "absurdly long". Hahaha Is now in my favorites so I know where it is when I'm in the mood to listen to it. :)

Submitted by SorceressRika on Sun, 2011 Sep 11 - 19:52

Link to the Past was my first Zelda game, and I still consider it the classic to this day. I love finding remixes of it.

Submitted by Hammy on Thu, 2012 Oct 04 - 16:15

Nothing really bad against it or anything. The music is ok, but 19 minutes of it just gets sickening. Maybe if it was split into smaller bits so you don't have to hear it all the time for soooo long. :(

Submitted by blhand26 on Sun, 2014 Mar 30 - 02:44

Can we please use the new user vote thing to disable people from playing this song unless the majority of 57% or more vote to play it. I'd appreciate that so much, especially when the song request wait time is "absurdly long"

Submitted by HyruLyn on Tue, 2012 Dec 04 - 14:50

Amazing! Genius! Brilliant! Fantastic! Epic! I just love absolutely everything about this one :D I especially love how long it is!

Submitted by ThermalJordanT on Wed, 2012 Dec 19 - 04:21

I love the guitar in this song. I think i will have to put forth the time to learn this on my own electric.

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Fri, 2013 Feb 15 - 15:25

The maker has a site I found with google, here is song page: http://www.carbohydrom.net/music/song/unsealed

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Thu, 2013 Apr 11 - 00:02

Longer than I remembered. XD Now I'm here after work listening to the rest of it. Perfect work / driving song. It just goessssss and goes.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2013 May 01 - 13:27

This song gets requested so much, I'm always surprised when it comes on by itself... :P

Submitted by Mim on Thu, 2013 Dec 19 - 13:49

This is awesome, I love that it never ends! "Absolutely everything" is the perfect tag for this song

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Sun, 2014 Feb 09 - 04:07

This song WOULD be on when I come back to Radio Hyrule after not showing up around here in like...months.

It's good to be back. :) Long live Radio Hyrule!

Submitted by BWithey on Thu, 2014 Jul 24 - 08:10

It may be very long but all of it is great I sums up the entire games soundtrack for the most part god job!

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Sun, 2014 Sep 14 - 22:31

Since i have heard this song. It's so frigg'n awesome. If nothing else, it is a perfect song for Smash bros. I can't believe I ever disliked this song.

(10 minutes later)

Well... maybe I can believe it. XD
So awesome though. Hope CarbohydroM is still working hard on these epic songs.