Zelda Memories

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Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Tue, 2012 Nov 27 - 03:48

Thank you, HyperLink!! :D
I love RadioHyrule too!! :D
Again, Thanks! I'm sure you have great taste in Zelda Music too! :P
Long Live The Legend Of Zelda!!!!

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Tue, 2012 Nov 27 - 03:50

Thanks, once more!
I'm quite the requester on here, so you may see my name often. I hope to see yours a lot!!! :D

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Tue, 2012 Nov 27 - 21:33

There's nothing too bad about being a...a...well a very impulsive requester. I think...xD haha
But yes, I love this song!!

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Tue, 2012 Nov 27 - 23:20

I'll be darned- I feel the same way! I request tons too, and much of the same stuff. Vaati, you have found a kindred spirit. It's always nice to come across someone just like you on the Internet. Maybe we'll see each other on the chatroom sometime?

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Tue, 2012 Nov 27 - 23:40

Isn't it just wonderful?! I'm just so glad I'm not alone! The Legend of Zelda is just so wonderful, who wouldn't want to request so many wonderful songs??
Haha, and yes! Maybe someday we will! Thank you!
'Til next time! Take care :D

Submitted by XOrdinary on Thu, 2012 Nov 29 - 16:27

I feel like I have just found my home. XD
I agree with you, Vaati:
*trumpet fanfare playing main theme* LONG LIVE THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Thu, 2012 Nov 29 - 22:11

On RadioHyrule, this is every Zelda fan's home :)
Funny you should mention, although the character Vaati is a male, I am a female. So, your subject would be "My siblings" lol XD

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Mon, 2012 Dec 17 - 04:23

That is so sweet man. I too love radiohyrule very much. You are very sweet.

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Fri, 2012 Nov 30 - 23:16

If Vaati's a girl... that means her, XOrdinary, and I represent the complete Triforce! The only question is, Am I Power or Courage?

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 00:28

Yes, Vaati is a male...but think of it this way! Minish Cap Vaati is a male, I (being Vaati also) am a girl....so we can act as if Vaati had a daughter, whom he had given the same name (much like the Zelda name tradition), and I guess that brings me here. Haha...(oh, my broad imagination...*sigh*) I enjoy putting myself into fake Zelda scenarios...
That aside, Power or Courage...depends, HylianSwordsman, how do you feel....powerful and evil, or courageous and kind-hearted? ....but if Vaati the evil Sorcerer was my father....who is my mother?
(I just love how we started our own little scenario and just diverted from commenting about the song...haha!) :D

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 02:13

1. I am aware MC/4S/4SA Vaati is male- I was referring to you. But if you want to be his daughter, I'll roll with that. (And I enjoy fake scenarios as well.)
2. Of course, the obvious answer is Link, as he's the protagonist. On reflection, my username seems to point that way too. But I don't feel fair making the decision without hearing XO's point of view. I'll wait until he comes back. (Unless, like you, 'he' is also female. In which case the representation of the Triforce is out.)
3. Concerning your parentage, I really have no idea. My best guess is that (assuming you're familiar with Minish Cap's backstory) perhaps Vaati (the real Vaati) had hitherto married a Minish before he became Ezlo's apprentice. And you had probably been raised by a single Minish mother, as Vaati had gone to the human world in search of the light force, but was subsequently defeated by the 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) Link. That only leaves the question of how you entered the human world... perhaps through the portal your father used?
4. That is funny...

Submitted by XOrdinary on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 02:14

Oh yeah, I'm also a dude. Sorry, forgot to mention that. XD

Submitted by XOrdinary on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 02:14

Interesting, indeed...but often, I am associated with the Triforce of Courage, when I write my fanfic, called Reconciliation. Actually, it's a series, and the first one, based off Ocarina of Time, is called Seven Sages. It's about me and my two best friends getting sucked out of our normal lives and blasted into Hyrule. XD It's actually really good...my friends love to read it.
Anyway, though, in it, me and my friends kind of mirror the "Holy Trinity" in that I am usually associated with Courage (like Link), Ryan (one of my friends) is associated with Wisdom (like Zelda--no girly traits implied, though), and Sam (my other friend) is associated with Power (like Ganondorf, but not evil). In Seven Sages, though, we're more closely linked to Forest/Wind, Water/Ice, and Fire, respectively, with Sheik being connected to Shadow and Malon connected to Spirit. Lol, I gave her a significantly larger role than in the game. :D

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 02:23

We're all so alike, it's incredible ^-^

Hylian first: I've been RolePlaying with my friends for ages now, it's kinda grown on me to do things like that. And you're half right, I'm familiar with the story...sort of. I know all the stories, but I know some more than others. How I 'came to be' is forever (maybe) a mystery. Haha.
XOrdinary: I have written a fanfic or two...I'm writing one now...I'm not so good, but hey, I'm trying! :P

Submitted by XOrdinary on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 02:25

That's really cool that you're writing a fanfic too! What's it called?
Hee hee, I don't mean to brag, but my Language Arts teacher in school says I have a special gift for writing... :D

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 02:35

Don't be sorry about the 'bragging', there's no need to be. Talent is talent! :D
It's called Hylian Secrets (not the best title, yes, but this is a simple start to my fanfiction 'career' if you will.) This is my third fanfic and this is the only that I feel confident in, the others have been deleted due to lack of....I dunno, just lack of, really.
Sort of similar to yours, mine is about: myself, as I am now (a 14yr old 9th grader) and things begin to happen. For 'cursing under my breath', I would mutter things in Hylian, unaware of the language I have spoke; but frightened and worried about it. Eventually, seen in a visional-dream, I saw a faded image of what I recognize as a Sage (Rauru). Within the next few weeks, I consider accepting myself for my lingual gift and just going through life happily.
Eventually, I get taken to the temple of time in my mind (during my sleep), with all the sages there. . .

and if you want, you can ask what happens next for a brief summary or not, I don't mind! :3

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 02:54

Sweet! Could you guys link to your fanfics? That sounds like something I'd love to read!!! (BTW, that's very nice that your teacher thinks you're a good writer.)

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 03:07

Yay! I technically made friends! Whoop!
Link our fanfics...like, you mean...have our characters meet up? It'd be difficult for mine, for after I meet the sages...they tell me things, hence the Hylian Secrets title...if you'd like to know more, I'll gladly tell :3

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 03:11

No, silly! I meant put a link to wherever you're writing this. (Although your idea would be good too.) Or are you not doing it online?

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 03:15

Derp moment, sorry! I guess it could be, if my story was slightly different.
No, sadly, 'tis not...and I just started it a few days ago :P

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 03:20

Oh. Maybe once you're finished, you can find somewhere to put it? But in the meantime, I guess I'll just have to imagine... but what you've made so far sounds beyond amazing. Until then!

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 03:21

I will try my very best to make sure you see it! I shall not reveal any more (unless you really want to know what happens next) until I find a way for you to see!!
Take care :3 and thank you :)

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 03:24

I normally don't ask this, but I seem to have found a friend in you, so...do you have a facebook or a twitter so we can be able to chat other than on here? :)

Submitted by HylianSwordsman1 on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 03:28

I'll gladly give you my Facebook, but not in an indelible comment. If you could just pop on over to the chatroom, I'll just divulge it there.

Submitted by XOrdinary on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 03:58

Thank you, but unfortunately I have to update my "blog" (so-to-speak) on DeviantART. I kinda re-wrote the beginning, and I think I may have to again...I don't really like the way it starts too much. But the middle is okay, and as it goes along, it gets REALLY good! In fact, I haven't even been working on it much lately, instead working on one of the sequels that came out of the blue, called "Reconciliation: What If?" It's kinda like "What could my life be like?" And instead of Hyrule and Legend of Zelda and all that, I made it completely original and they (the same characters, me and my two friends) go to a new place called Alendia that's kind of like Hyrule, but different. It's split into 12 province-like kingdoms, each with a different ruler and government, but basically the whole country (all 12 kingdoms together) is split into two teams: the Andronians (good guys), named after the kingdom of Andronia, the main good-guy kingdom; and Skaltics (bad guys), named after the main "bad" kingdom, Skaltŗak. The ŗ means you kinda roll your tongue when you say it. Not sure what it ACTUALLY means, but that's the way I wrote it. :)
But anyway, I write more of What If than Seven Sages nowadays, though I do wanna be able to work on both, which was my original idea...until school became a HUGE issue. I got several weeks behind in some subjects I(homeschooled) and have had to spend all day every day for a week or two catching up. And I hope I get completely caught up soon, because I JUST bought a brand-new iPad 3, but my parents won't let me have it until I'm caught up in school!! D;

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 04:11

That's fantastic, keep it up!! :)
I just started mine a few days ago, sort of liking it; I never was good with beginnings myself..

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 04:17

You're welcome, and thank you!
That's true, I've noticed that. Even though my beginning is slightly choppy (i guess you could say), I have the enthusiasm to push onward!! :D

Submitted by XOrdinary on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 04:26

Then, I say, onward, dear maiden! Connect thy pen to thy heart, and let thy feeling flow! XD

Submitted by XOrdinary on Sat, 2012 Dec 01 - 04:32

Thank you very much! Hopefully I will return tomorrow at some point or other...and rejoin my Hyrulean family! <3

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Sun, 2012 Dec 02 - 18:23

And most of it was unrelated spam :P Not that there's anything wrong with that... xP

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sun, 2012 Dec 02 - 21:53

Oh my gosh, so true! We diverted to just...random non related topics.
Well, if this helps: I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Simply amazing :D

Submitted by XOrdinary on Mon, 2012 Dec 03 - 00:16

LOL, I haven't even heard it, at least not recently enough to remember it! XD

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Mon, 2012 Dec 03 - 00:56

Hahaha I'll request it now, then! Hopefully you're listening right now!! :D

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Mon, 2012 Dec 03 - 00:57

It'll play in 25 minutes!!! :D
xD hahaha in case you wanted to hear it :P