New Songs Added to the Library

We've been crazy busy lately with school, but we've finally added over three hours of new music to the library. New additions include selections from the recently released OC ReMix album, the Skyward Sword bonus disc, as well as singles from various individual artists.

Check out the new tunes! Don't study too hard, and enjoy! :)


Submitted by the1zeldafan on Mon, 2011 Dec 05 - 12:29

you guys rock ...i love coming here to listin to zelda music

Submitted by Time's Quill on Fri, 2011 Dec 30 - 01:39

I came to listen to RH but something's off with the site. It's just one big white page with some black lines of (the normal) text. There are no links, no "listen here" button, no nothing. Also, at the top is a huge red error notice list. Is this happening to everyone, or is it just me?

Submitted by Saria on Sat, 2011 Dec 31 - 14:41

Oh hey look they fixed it a little bit :D

Submitted by PinkLink101 on Sat, 2011 Dec 31 - 20:11

Its kind of confusing, and now I can't request songs...
Other than that, I love this place! The music is great, and its exactly what I was looking for! (I couldn't ever find places with legit Zelda music)