iPhone App Status Update

We've been receiving some questions about the current state of the iOS app that has been popping in and out over the last year or two, so it's time for a quick status update! Being able to listen to Radio Hyrule on a mobile device is a feature that has long been asked for.

While there are already apps on the market that let you do this (see: TuneIn), there is still demand for a "native" Radio Hyrule app that lets you interact with the stream by requesting songs, adding favorites, etc. The good news for iOS users is that there is such an app that is close to a version 1 release. The bad news is that no one is currently working on finishing it.

The amazing programmers who are responsible for producing the app up until this point are currently too busy with work projects and other aspects of life to put time into finishing up the app for a release. They've been incredibly generous to give us the work they have so far, and we only ask for your continued patience. If you're interested in a possible collaboration to help finish the app, please contact us! Must have prior iOS development skills.


Submitted by HylianGuard on Thu, 2012 Oct 04 - 19:07

I have on my android, the unofficial Radio Hyrule app. It is actually this stream too, I have checked..

Submitted by Founder on Thu, 2012 Oct 04 - 19:21

Yeah, we're happy to see someone has made an Android app for us, even if it's not interactive like our iOS app in development!

Submitted by HylianGuard on Thu, 2012 Oct 04 - 19:49

That's awesome, will you have an OFFICIAL Radio Hyrule interactive app on Android as well? If not, I'll still manage haha

Submitted by Founder on Fri, 2012 Oct 12 - 13:54

It's definitely a possibility.. We'll see how things go with the iOS version first and port it over if all is well. :)

Submitted by Time's Quill on Fri, 2012 Oct 12 - 10:27

You Android users have all the luck :P

This looks great, and I wish all the developers / organizers the best of luck!

Submitted by XOrdinary on Thu, 2012 Oct 04 - 19:39

I'm so excited for this to come out! I'll FINALLY be able to bring Radio Hyrule with me at least around my home! Will it require Wifi like the original stream uses Internet, or will you be able to take it into no-Wifi zones and still be able to listen to it? Will it cost money, or will it be free? (So many questions!)

Submitted by Founder on Thu, 2012 Oct 04 - 19:58

So many questions! It should work from anywhere that you can pull internet from.. I'm not sure if that includes 3G/4G service or not though. We *might* give the app a price depending on how much it costs to have the app put in the marketplace. It would probably be set at $0.49 or whatever the lowest amount is though.

Submitted by Deadpikle on Thu, 2012 Oct 04 - 20:30

Hey ebuch.
I'm still alive and around. I was quite dissatisfied with the way I was treated when I worked on this app before. If things have changed since then, please contact me. I would be willing to consider finishing the app up.
I can also do an (the?) Android version, if you so desire. I have experience on both platforms.

Submitted by WillBoy20101 on Thu, 2012 Oct 11 - 01:51

Do you know really the rough date on this app is going to be out as of yet?

Submitted by WillBoy20101 on Thu, 2012 Oct 11 - 04:13

Yeah thanks for that I will be patience but can't wait for my iPod Touch to come this Friday so I can get this app when it comes out.

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Mon, 2012 Oct 22 - 14:21

i cant wait for it! ive been waiting SOOOO long ^_^

Submitted by Adam the odd on Tue, 2012 Oct 23 - 00:19

I first came upon this site when it was still wzmr due to an app my friend had that played wzmr (I think it had a sound board of zelda things as well). I don't know how the site transitioned to Radio Hyrule (I suppose its easy to find out but it's late here and I'm tired). Could you still use the old app set up then and just sort out the feed or something?

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Thu, 2012 Oct 25 - 15:10

but can you request songs on there? also ebuch do you need wifi to use it?

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Thu, 2012 Oct 25 - 23:46

i never knew that O_O

thats prity cool ^ ^

Submitted by WillBoy20101 on Fri, 2012 Oct 26 - 00:31

Yeah I thought I let you know that to do that just go to your iOS settings of your iPod Touch or iPhone and find the TuneIn App and it says on the screen enable browser well then turn that on and enjoy going on RH to request songs

Submitted by LovingShadowLink on Tue, 2013 Jan 08 - 18:11

I check back monthly... waiting ever so patiently...

Still.. waiting.... You have no idea.... I sit there and search the App store...

I feel so old.. I am an old school Zelda junkie. College almost over... and indeed. If I had this on my Ipod... It would make sitting through three thousand graduates a little more... bearable X_X

I wish you developers the best of luck. Music is my field.


Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Sun, 2013 Feb 10 - 01:03

That's so awesome. I want this app now!