Ballad of the Bride

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Submitted by XOrdinary on Tue, 2012 Sep 18 - 17:59

This is a wonderful, very well-done rendition of the song! Good job!

Submitted by Pippit8 on Thu, 2014 Feb 20 - 02:45

I wish there were more renditions like this of this song. And that name <3 <3 I just looovee it. It just creates this perfect mental image of Zelda on her wedding day dressed in this beautiful white gown and as she walks down the pathway to the base of the Goddess Statue this song is playing. She sees Link waiting there for her looking handsome as always and everyone from Skyloft is standing on the sides of the walkway watching as old Impa escorts her down to her fiance (Because she's still the protector of the Goddess right? It's her job to make sure she is placed into the right hands AKA Link). Ahhh, it's just so beautiful!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3