A Legend - To Zelda

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Submitted by the1zeldafan on Mon, 2012 May 07 - 16:05

its a good song but it should have a little more to do with the game ...it seemed more like a christan song more then anything eles espasialy the legend of zelda it had like ...15 words to do with the game...witch isnt bad but it did seem a little odd seening its on a zelda music website and it has little to do with the game

Submitted by Beta-Dachi on Tue, 2012 Aug 28 - 21:37

i like this one ;)

Submitted by XOrdinary on Mon, 2012 Sep 17 - 17:49

I'm pretty lenient with song quality, and I like lots of genres, including rap. But this song sucks.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Sat, 2012 Sep 22 - 23:50

I think this is a good song. I honestly do. It helps to watch the video on YouTube (which somehow I can't find anymore) but I think it's still a good song.

Submitted by efaj on Fri, 2013 Jan 11 - 12:28


Submitted by brta12345 on Sat, 2012 Sep 29 - 14:33

it sucks barley words from the game suckssssssssssssss

Submitted by HyperLink_Rises on Mon, 2013 Jan 14 - 00:54

I belive you were listening to Sting's "Fields of Gold", or at least expected something like it
as there is no BARLEY in well... any regular music...

Submitted by Hammy on Wed, 2012 Oct 03 - 15:48

Every time I hear this all I can think of is a bunch of cats in a sack being swung against a brick wall.

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Tue, 2013 Apr 23 - 23:16

It's nice to hear a variety of genres to pay tribute to the game.

Submitted by lulles on Sun, 2013 May 12 - 02:22

Am I the only one who thinks this song is terrible?

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Sun, 2013 May 12 - 16:27

Scroll through the comments, you're not. :P People who are more open-minded like it though. :P

Submitted by lulles on Sun, 2013 May 12 - 18:56

It's not a matter of being open-minded. It's a matter of taste. I don't like this type of music, period.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Sun, 2013 May 12 - 22:07

Open-minded tastes, I mean. :P And you not liking it because it doesn't suit your tastes does not mean the song itself is terrible. :P

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Mon, 2013 May 13 - 23:37

There is only one thing that I don't really like about this song... how the guy says poor a little wine and all, the wine part. I mean I'm just a kid and I immediately think, "Drug reference in ZELDA!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!" Otherwise this song is alright, cool, fine. Never really liked raps though but this is good. And never thought Zelda raps were good but wateves, this is alright.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Mon, 2013 May 13 - 23:50

First of all, wine would be an alcohol reference, not a 'drug' reference. :P And secondly, what he actually says is "pour a little water, turn it into wine..." which is an obvious Biblical reference. :P

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Tue, 2013 May 14 - 03:32

Sorry my mistake. I posted song before i heard song. I haven't heard song in while. Hehehe yeah srry, yeah meant to say alcohol but I had drug stuck in my head. Yeah srry once again. Yeah just noticed it was a Bible reference cause Jesus and wine as his blood and bread as his body and yeah. Sorry once again. :]

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2013 May 14 - 13:30

Actually, to be more accurate, this would be a reference to Jesus' first miracle, when he turned water into wine. :P

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Mon, 2013 May 20 - 01:24

I forget my Catholic/Christian stuff sometimes. Yeah, I'm Catholic. hehehe

Submitted by erbilgerbil on Mon, 2013 May 20 - 22:56

I'll have you guys know that I love DeStorm Powers with a burning passion. He makes me like rap. On the issue of this song having nothing to do with LoZ, I think that he was trying to explain Link's mindset throughout the series. I think that if I were destined for greatness I'd gloat about it, too.

Submitted by Ryksterman on Thu, 2013 Aug 29 - 14:19

This song is epic, and finding out De Storm wrote it, made it that much more awesome

Submitted by weirdo18745 on Tue, 2013 Dec 17 - 01:41

this song is rapped TO the Zelda theme song, NOT ABOUT the game.

Submitted by ladybug95 on Fri, 2014 Jul 11 - 04:17

After looking into this song, it really has nothing to do with The Legend of Zelda EXCEPT that it is to the Zelda theme. This is stated in his YouTube video. Also, the title "A Legend - To Zelda" seems incorrect. It should be "A Legend - To Zelda Theme"? I think it's an interesting song, but I was really bummed that after looking into the song, it wasn't about Zelda, just to the Zelda Theme...

Submitted by Theepicswimmer on Thu, 2018 Sep 06 - 23:54

It's just hilarious that this song is actually on this website, and it's honestly pretty good. IMMA BE A LEGEND