Dropped Overworld

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Submitted by Acubed on Sat, 2012 Jul 21 - 09:26

This is quite a unique arrangement, isn't it. It has some elements of Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess) but it's... clearly a different melody. Take how the overworld theme of Majora's Mask, Termina Field, is a re-worked Overworld, the main melody of The Legend of Zelda.

The artist claims the melody is one that didn't end up making it into Twilight Princess. I'm unaware of such a song if it exists!

Submitted by XOrdinary on Mon, 2012 Sep 17 - 17:32

Yep, this is the Twilight Princess Demo theme. I never even saw the demo, but I know this song and I'd recognize it anywhere. And it's AWESOME! Great job, kitsune2222!