One-year Retrospective, the Anniversery Edition: Now with more numbers

My name is Austin Wright, and I'm the system administrator and overall software engineer for Radio Hyrule and Zelda Reorchestrated. When the server catches fire or just starts streaming Fairy Fountain in a loop, I'm the guy everyone runs to. I build the systems that gets the songs from song gets from our library to your computer speakers, maintain the database of songs, and do day-to-day maintenance to make sure the systems keep chugging away.

Several months ago we enabled tags on songs so you can search through music by game, melody, song, genre, theme, or specific content. So it turns out tagging 55 hours of songs is something of a daunting task! But, we think we've tagged the bulk of the songs. If you have any corrections to make, add a comment and/or drop us a line using the contact form.

For a while we've let you favorite your favorite songs. And slightly more recently, we published a page showing the list of most favorited songs, available on the re-vamped Songs page. Our song database also includes all the songs that have been requested and played in the last year (since a complete re-vamp of the system). With this information I thought it would be cool to take a look at some trends:

In the year since we've brought up the new server, we've played over 193,000 songs, and processed over 25,000 song requests!

The top-favorited song is Bucky Studios - The Legend of Cool, followed closely by one of my favorites, zyko - Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer. These songs are also the most requested songs. However, from there the list diverges: Second Chance - Nothing Set in Stone is the third most requested song in our library, but only the sixth most favorited. Also note that users may request songs as many times as they like, so long as you return whenever it's available for requesting (you can request a song 5-6 times per day if you're persistent, have no life, and don't need sleep). Some users account for as many as fifty of their requests! (I'm not innocent here, I'm probably half the reason Fox Amoore appears three times on this list.)

Songs by number of requests since July 9, 2011
Rank Requests Song
1 313 Bucky Studios – The Legend of Cool
2 261 zyko – Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer
3 163 Second Chance – Nothing Set in Stone
4 156 Aivi Tran – Dragon Roost Island Duet
5 155 Dazey, Nubioso – Link to the Mask
6 143 C418 – Skyward
7 139 Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony – E3 Overture
8 138 Fox Amoore – The Ballad of the Windfish
9 131 RomTom – Windmill Gone Berserk
10 129 Assassin223 – Gerudo Valley
11 128 Jam2995, TheDelRe – Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess)
12 126 BogusRed – A Link to the Past Piano Collection
13 123 Aivi Tran – Ocarina of Time Piano Medley
13 123 FreddeGredde – Wind Waker Unplugged
15 120 Kylethedarkn – Stone Tower Temple
16 115 BlueScreenRemix – Midna's Lament Remix
17 112 C-Storm – Dragon Roost Island
18 108 Cloudburst – Saria's Song (Electric)
19 99 CarboHydroM – Unsealed
19 99 BlazingDragon – Serenade of Storms
21 98 DJ Oaju – Twilight Princess Remix
22 98 Aivi Tran – The Legend of Zelda Theme (Piano)
22 98 Khuskan – Tarm Ruins
24 96 Kylethedarkn – Songs of Storms Remix
25 95 Nintendo – Oath to Order
25 95 Fox Amoore – Master of Time
27 94 Fox Amoore – The Final Battle
27 94 Alak – Ballad of the Wind Fish
29 93 Zelda Reorchestrated – Twilight Princess: Sacred Grove

Can you guess our top-played song? It's about 6 seconds long. And it has vocals. It's scarcely been requested, because it's not visible in our public library (it probably should be). Unlike many of those entries, it gets regular air time. In fact, it's the current Station ID! Our stream generator ensures it gets played about every 40 minutes, along with a fun fruit-flavored commercial, part of this complete breakfast.


Submitted by Kylethedarkn on Tue, 2012 Jul 31 - 00:54

O_O' I didn't realize my remixes were requested that frequently! Cool stats and also thanks to those who enjoy my work enough to request it. :)

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Tue, 2012 Jul 31 - 01:26

Wait a sec... You said the Station ID is SCARCELY been requested... which sorta implies that sometimes it actually is! How did that happen?

Submitted by Acubed on Tue, 2012 Jul 31 - 10:28

Because I can :)
Every once in a while when I've queued up a long list of songs (usually new additions), I'll tack the Sun's Song Station ID onto the beginning and end. It gives it a sort of "Hey something special is about to happen" formality.

It appears to have been requested exactly five times. Now that I think about it I don't know how that's possible, it's almost always a "recently played" song.

Maybe if you found/produced a gap of several hours where it's not played, and you knew how to work the requesting API, then yeah, users could request it. ;)