Clock Town - Day 3

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Submitted by EzloSpirit on Fri, 2012 Jul 06 - 00:19

Make it stop!

In all seriousness, this is one of the greatest ZREO arrangements ever. To be honest, the original track lacked the depth that it needed to truly make the gravity (lol) of the situation clear. ZREO's version...overdid it. In a good way. No, in a perfect way.

"Clock Town - Day 3" by Zelda Reorchestrated, now 100% guaranteed to give you nightmares for three nights after listening! Only zero dollars, zero cents, zero pounds, zero euros, zero pesos, zero rupees (lol), zero... (Gimme more like this, ZREO!)

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Wed, 2013 Apr 10 - 23:24

Were you trying to use zero a lot because it looks like ZREO? XD Or was there no pun intended.

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Mon, 2013 May 06 - 02:06

ZREO is the official abbreviation for Zelda Reorchestrated. (Zelda REOrchestrated) Technically, it's pronounced "Z, R, E, O," but I've always pronounced it "zreo" because it's faster to say. And it sounds funnier. Auto-correct things give me heck with "ZREO," though; they all think I'm trying to type "zero," just as you did. XD

Submitted by Jj1042 on Fri, 2015 Feb 20 - 18:35

This arrangement plays on the creepy undertone in the actual game, and makes it a center point that makes you feel like doom is looming directly overhead.