Skyward Sword Giveaway Results

Earlier this week, we held our first ever giveaway on the site: a Limited Edition copy of Skyward Sword! We set some pretty awesome site records for Facebook activity, chatroom participants, and radio listeners.

So who ended up winning? It took two tries before we found our winner, but at last, Jake McCoy, who you might know better as Jam2995, was around to claim his prize. He's actually contributed a number of the songs that are in the Radio Hyrule library, and even put together a video earlier today showing off his prize. Check out the video and his others if you haven't already!

Overall I'm very satisfied with how well everything worked out, and I had a lot of fun putting everything together. I owe a lot of thanks to a couple of individuals who really helped get this thing going. You know who you are. Hope to do more of these sometime in the future! ;)


Submitted by Jared K. Richardson on Fri, 2011 Nov 18 - 00:56

May I ask what the name of the first winner was? :P I'm just self-conscious that it might have been me...

Submitted by Founder on Fri, 2011 Nov 18 - 00:59

For privacy reasons, I'm not going to release the name of the first winner. Rest easy that it wasn't you though. Not sure if you find that good news or bad..

Submitted by Jared K. Richardson on Fri, 2011 Nov 18 - 14:44

Nope, it was good news, haha. :D I can still rest easy when I pick up my copy in a few days. ^^ Thanks.

Submitted by Gengar on Tue, 2011 Nov 22 - 00:53

OHGAWD,it's such a relief that someone that actually tunes into Radio Hyrule won. I think it's well deserved since you're actually a contributor. I am no longer salty I lost. xD Congrats,Mr. Jake,you win many internetz.