New Music!

Hi folks, sorry for the very long delay in front page postings.. I just arrived out on the west coast, where I will be looking for a job or an internship for the summer! Sometime next week I will be posting the State of the Station for Summer 2012.. just need some time to get myself situated at my new home. =)

You might have already noticed some new recent additions to the Radio Hyrule music library. Newcomer Viol sent us a compilation of tracks he made a while back (sorry for taking so long!). We've also added a few more from Blake Robinson, along with a full album of tracks by Cory Johnson. His album just recently came out and has gained quite a bit of popularity around the internet. If you're interested in downloading his entire album, head over to his Bandcamp website and drop him some spare change if you can!

More updates on the way.. I promise!


Submitted by JediWannabe on Tue, 2012 May 29 - 01:46

I've noticed a saddening lack of Skyward Sword music on the station. Can we expect that might change sometime in the near future? :]

Submitted by Acubed on Sat, 2012 Jun 02 - 03:20

It's a relatively new game so it's not as flushed out as, say, Ocarina of Time. But send us some good Skyward Sword tunes and we'll get them on :)
See the contact form:

Submitted by JediWannabe on Fri, 2012 Jun 08 - 05:37

I downloaded most of my Skyward tunes from Youtube. GilvaSunner has available about every piece of music from that game and many others. Are you guys allowed to use music straight from the game, or only remixes?

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Thu, 2012 Jul 05 - 22:57

The only exceptions seem to be official arrangements, like the arranged tracks on the SSBB OST. But yeah, even those are not straight from their respective games.