'The Final Hours' Drops This Saturday on Radio Hyrule

It's the Final Day and only 3 hours remain. What are you doing? Who are you saying goodbye to? Will a hero ever save the day? Tune in on Saturdays at 11pm ET for some earth-shattering music, featuring remixes and covers exclusively from Majora's Mask. While you're at it, check out Operation Moonfall and show your support to help bring an amazing title to the 3DS!

Don't forget, it's all about the weight of the moon.


Submitted by Heidi Poe on Tue, 2011 Nov 08 - 08:21

Aww man! This is such a good idea and I'd love to tune in, but that's just too late at night for me. Will you consider posting recordings of it after it's over? Majora's Mask has my favorite music of any Zelda game and I'd hate to miss it.

Submitted by Founder on Tue, 2011 Nov 08 - 12:30

All of the songs that are being aired during this section are from the master library of songs. This is just a programming segment for only Majora's Mask music. :)

Submitted by Heidi Poe on Tue, 2011 Nov 08 - 12:34

I see. Well, it's too bad I'm going to miss it! Love the idea, though. More segments like these would be really cool. It gets kind of tiring when I keep hearing the main Zelda theme over and over again, no matter how many different ways it's been rearranged by talented people.

Submitted by Karu on Sun, 2014 Apr 20 - 00:44

Do we still have this one? :o