Live IRC Chatroom

Useful commands:

These are some of the very basics.
  • /nick [name] - This command will change your nick to [name].
  • /me [action] - This will output a message in third person.
  • /join #[channel] - Use this command to join or create another channel.
  • /part #[channel] - This command allows you to leave a channel.

IRC Etiquette Tips:

You'll be an IRC pro in no time.
  • Rule number one! Say something! Don't join the chatroom and expect there to be someone there waiting to greet you! Many people in the chatroom use IRC clients that only alert them if someone says something, so speak up!
  • Be patient for a response! Most of the users may not be actively using the channel or even at the keyboard.
  • Use people's nicknames! Typically you can type the first few characters of their nickname and then press Tab to complete the rest.
  • Limit the use of color. It quickly wears on users' eyes, especially against a black or white background. Please use in moderation!
  • Avoid flooding the channel with messages. Remember CAPS LOCK IS YELLING.
  • Don't forget to say good-bye! It's impolite to leave people hanging!

Other IRC Clients:

A couple recommended IRC clients that are available free of charge.

Server Information:

Here's some information if you prefer to use your own IRC client: