Submitted by Aram on Fri, 2014 Jun 20 - 11:20

Love 'em too. Too bad I stopped actively playing guitar, otherwise I'd definitely try to learn to play this. :D

Submitted by WolfLink on Mon, 2014 Sep 08 - 01:12

These songs are so great, I wish more deer were alive to help make more remixes!

Submitted by ganfidog on Mon, 2014 Sep 08 - 01:14

lol we commented at almost the exact same time

Submitted by ganfidog on Mon, 2014 Sep 08 - 01:13

Really good mix of stuff here. Big fan of the metal

Submitted by Aeonspark on Thu, 2014 Sep 18 - 22:42

Has anyone else noticed that TheOnlyDeerAlive has MOOSE horns? xD

Submitted by TheSexyToadThatCould on Mon, 2014 Dec 29 - 03:21

One of my favorite artists on here. Everything he has released is awesome