Submitted by Alden Duquette on Mon, 2012 Dec 17 - 01:51

I like these songs as much as the next guy, but why is "Romance in the Air" here twice? :P

Submitted by VaatiTheWindMage on Sun, 2013 Apr 07 - 08:09

ALL THE MORE BETTER, ALDEN. We can request it TWICE, IN A ROW I think... xD LOL

Submitted by TwilightKnight 1 on Mon, 2013 Apr 15 - 23:37

And that my friends, is what u specifically did today. Vaati first then Alden. It kind of got on my nerves cause I was like, "How come i can never request a song twice?"

Submitted by Pippit8 on Wed, 2013 Oct 16 - 04:03

I know that in the OST I downloaded that there are two Romances, Romance and Romance 2. The second is more jumpy than the first, while the first is calm and pretty much repetitive the whole time. Romance 2 builds off of Romance. In the game they don't even sound like two separate songs, that's why I was confused at first too. Just a theory.

Submitted by Alden Duquette on Wed, 2013 Oct 16 - 14:00

I don't think so. I have the album (courtesy of TheOnlyDeerAlive, who got it courtesy of GilvaSunnner) so I know what you're talking about; however, these remixes are, as far as I can tell, completely identical. Go figure.