Submitted by AmazingPat on Wed, 2013 Feb 06 - 18:18

Im listening to mainstream and you song is way to freaking long, its good but i don't want to listen to a drum beat for 20 minutes. you need to try different beats to keep your listers interested, and i made this comment just as a critic style I don't mean to offend you.

Submitted by MustasLinked on Sun, 2015 Sep 27 - 22:14

I heard unsealed playing (AMAZING BTW) and went to go favorite it, but it says access denied, so I looked at your profile, and it didn't appear there either, so.. Did you delete it or something?

Submitted by heymagurany on Wed, 2017 Jan 04 - 23:12

The same thing is happening to me. That's too bad because this masterpiece deserves lots of love!