OverClocked ReMix


Artist Title
Tyler Heath Artifact of Power mvt 1 - A Storm in the Desert
Tyler Heath Artifact of Power mvt 2 - At the Bottom of Lake Hylia
Tyler Heath Artifact of Power mvt 3 - Traveling the Woods
Tyler Heath Artifact of Power mvt 4 - Shadows Left by Time
26 djpretzel Hyrulian
82 MC Thelonius Temple
102 Scott Peeples Tail Cave (Beatdown Mix)
109 Scott Peeples Gerudo Peeples
150 AmIEviL River of Time
216 JV GerudoJV
319 Zeratul Kakariko Rave Party
368 djpretzel Gerudo Interlude
447 AmIEviL Hipccordian
454 Jayson Litrio The Goddess Appears (Trinity)
539 Liquid Neon This Valley Rocks
591 NoppZ, Protricity Crystals of Kakariko
632 bLiNd Temple Trance
716 BenCousins Lost Woods South Central
753 djpretzel Pachelbel's Ganon
769 Cimarron The Temple Revisited
839 Starblaze A Heros Legacy
856 Quinn Fox Gold Cartridge
861 Dr. Fruitcake Party in the Shop
879 Ryu7x Influence of Koholint
906 NoppZ HawaiiShoppi'n
966 Wintermute Lullaby Proximitus
989 Neskvartetten Link Goes to New Orleans
1020 Disco Dan Braving Tal Tal Heights
1050 Neskvartetten Waltz for Zora
1079 DarkeSword Ancient Hero
1086 Miku Secret Seashells
1124 Tyler Heath Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle
1140 Daniel Baranowsky Awakened Fears of the Gerudo
1150 Theophany Aquescent Symphony
1184 Disco Dan Triforce Majeure
1185 McVaffe The Darkness and the Light
1200 BogusRed Into the Golden Sunset
1208 Destiny, The Wingless Eutopia Pegasi
1209 LindsayAnne Klemm A Fate Preordained
1241 Flik Kakariko Prom
1318 Bladiator, GrayLightning Symphonic Ballade
1333 Jillian Aversa Prayer
1364 chthonic Anthem of a Misguided Youth
1370 Nixdorux The Sad Fish
1400 chthonic It's My Turn to Dream
1417 Dhsu, GrayLightning Nayru's Love
1422 ktriton Hyrule Wimbledon
1426 zircon Clash at the Mountains
1428 Tepid A Rose for Zelda
1435 Darangen Falling Back
1438 Zas Prelude
1489 Random Hero Battle of the Hylian Hero
1575 Abadoss Epona's Pastorale
1577 GSlicer Inverting the Tower Temple
1591 DarkeSword Tattered Slippers
1628 Evan Arnett The Legend of Zelda Overture
1639 zyko Of Twilight and Redemption
1681 Long Dao The Lost Dark World
1732 Diggi Dis Mamacitas in My Valley
1861 Blue.Nocturne Sacred Flute
1905 Cliff Hooper, effinjerk Dark World Ballad
1912 Platonist Ghost Grove
1917 halc First Time on Outset
1931 Ari Kessler, Keith Maxwell Button, Marshall Skinner, Olarin Exodus to Sanctuary
1940 WillRock Waking the Fish
1950 Rozovian Eye of the Storm
1970 Ekaj A Path to Hyrule
1978 halc The Electric Flute
1987 chthonic Farore Lies in Wait
1995 Dazey, Nubioso Link to the Mask
2011 MrMilkcarton Awakening the Giant
2014 Harjawaldar Utopia
2035 AeroZ Agahnim Arsenik
2043 Tepid G.E.R.U.D.O.
2047 chthonic, halc Great Job!
2058 Nixdorux Magic Fountain
2086 Gamer Symphony Orchestra Hyrulian Highlands
2100 zyko Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer
2124 halc This Triforce Has Too Many Pieces
2135 WillRock Transient Shadows
2141 halc, Insixfour Serious Moon Business
2270 Jonah-B Dark Shores of Hyrule
2312 Doc Nano Dancing Leaves
2315 C7 Healing Majora
2339 Brandon Strader, ladyWildfire Bottled Choir
2381 melody Elegy of the Solipsist
2412 Hot Freaks Her Smile in Every Summer
2481 anterroir Shikashi's Dream
2496 Daybreaker Memories of an Ocarina
2528 Xenon Odyssey Royal Treasure
2554 Kevvviiinnn Hylia's Fear
2605 WillRock Fragments of a Legend
2608 Amaterasu, Aivi Tran Dreams of Home
2670 The OneUps I Do It for the Faeries
2733 metaphist Wisdom Courage Power
2799 Chimpazilla, Emunator, Jordanrooben Forest of Purple Mist
2826 Chimpazilla Requiem for a Damaged Spirit
2834 worldsbestgrandpa Cluck, Old Cucco!
2946 Hylian Lemon Face Your Nightmares
2954 Nostalvania A Royal Appearance
2967 Chimpazilla Lady of the Lake
2983 Tim Sheehy Forever Yours
2992 George R. Powell Then the Healing Came
3000 djpretzel Dark Storm
3048 Chimpazilla Wistful
3058 Garrett Williamson, Sir Jordanius The Goddess Gets Groovy Tonight
3062 Brendan Hannigan, Redg You Will Not Survive
3064 DDRKirby(ISQ) Play with Me
3065 Arth4da House of Healing
3071 Nostalvania The Guy from the Woods Is Back in Town
3142 anterroir, Chimpazilla A Stormy Affair
3168 The Guru
3201 Nostalvania Storm Force Seven
3223 The Other Side
3262 worldsbestgrandpa Soggy Carousel
3288 Once More ~A Last TIME~
3296 La Gran Fuente de Salsa
3304 Ballad on the Sea
3308 smartpoetic The Imprisoning War
3321 Hylian Lemon Life of a Bowling Pin
3330 Nostalvania Come to the Dark Side, It's a Funky Place