Website Redesign

We've got a new website theme! The new website should allow you to stream Radio Hyrule on your phone, and on your desktop browser without any additional plugins.

As usual, all of our streaming options are available on our Help page. You can also switch back to the old website theme there, if you feel the desire to.

If you've got any feedback, questions, or problems, drop us a message on the Contact Us page. Thanks!


Submitted by HyruleanCookie on Sat, 2017 Oct 14 - 22:14

I'm so glad someone is back and taking care of the website. I can't wait for BotW re-mixes to start showing up.

Submitted by Super Luigi 64 on Thu, 2017 Oct 19 - 05:28

Like the streamlined site. Any chance the App will be updated to work on iOS 11?

Submitted by jjc1999 on Tue, 2017 Nov 07 - 03:17

yes ios11 plz

Submitted by Chrona Crona or... on Fri, 2017 Oct 27 - 04:13

So how dead is Hyrule Academy?

Submitted by Link2710 on Tue, 2017 Nov 21 - 02:35

Well, I'm surprised that this site made its comeback, especially after a little over a year of being dead

Submitted by Walker3803 on Sat, 2017 Nov 25 - 16:06

Glad to see some much needed attention. Would be great the have an iPhone X compatible app, as well as some update music from Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword, and the other games that haven't gotten attention in the past from ZREO.