Radio Hyrule App for Android

It's finally here! We're proud to announce our mobile app is now available for Android!

Listeners can now quickly tune into Radio Hyrule and view track information, and we're continuing to develop new features for interaction.

Get it on Google Play

You can download the Radio Hyrule app for $1.00 using the link above or by searching the store on your device. By purchasing the app, you are helping to fund future app development and to keep our servers online.

We would like to thank the developers of the app, who have been working very hard for the last two years to make sure it is a very stable app capable of always being at your convenience. Thanks to everyone for your support, and happy listening!~


Submitted by EzloSpirit on Mon, 2016 Apr 11 - 16:03

Praise the Golden Goddesses! Well done, folks! It's nice and stable, too!

I felt kind of deflated, though, when I saw that the only feature currently is streaming the station. I'm sure getting that working was pretty complicated, and I know development hit many a roadblock, but…the release feels premature; I can already stream RH using any number of other, free apps. The existing webpage for the app lists a whole slew of features for the iOS app that could pretty much replace the website on those devices.

Basically, as I mentioned, the release seems kinda premature. Granted, it's great to see the what's been accomplished so far, but there's nothing currently that really makes it a worthwhile purchase, other than, perhaps, its stability. (That said, I'm keeping it!)

Keep up the good work! Don't stop there!

Submitted by ArrowPewPew on Fri, 2016 Jun 03 - 10:29

I agree 100%. I can't wait to see what improvements they'll have next though! very exciting!

Submitted by mightyrequester on Mon, 2016 May 09 - 03:15

You know, there is another version of this app over at the Apple Store...I think? In any case, I wanted to know how I can track the progress of this app and possibly when it is going to be updated. I ask that because the apple version of this app has features the first comment has mentioned, that the other guy wanted. Putting that aside, when my new tablet arrives I will get the app. But I just wanted to know how I can keep track of how good the development's going. Does it have a SourceForge page?

Submitted by Link 358 on Sat, 2016 May 14 - 18:00

Hi, i´m from Germany. Thanks for the Andriod App on Google Play. Now i can listen Radio Hyrule on my Phone. Thanks.

Submitted by Zora Hero on Sat, 2016 May 28 - 13:32

Thanks a lot!! :) We waited for so long and finally... Well, very good job, folks!

Submitted by AndrewDeviluke on Thu, 2016 Jun 02 - 04:08

I quite limited, as mentioned previously. Add the HR other radio applications online for android and hear normally, then it is something still not worth the investment.
I bought to support the development of the app. Add a pop up to the home screen would be great, and include in the app an option to vote on the next song to be played or chat pros interact listeners would be very interesting. In the most, it is with a great design.

Submitted by Blueshellpunk on Fri, 2017 Aug 18 - 18:16

I would like the android and apple versions to have all of the features

Submitted by Firedrake150 on Sun, 2017 Aug 20 - 19:02

Is this still being worked on? Been about a year and a half since its last update...

Submitted by moribring on Mon, 2017 Oct 02 - 12:50

I’m listening from japan.
Please come back to Radio Hyrule by iPhone app ;(

Submitted by gil0331 on Sun, 2017 Dec 10 - 04:12

Guys the iOS app needs to be updated so it can work with iOS 11 otherwise you cannot use it on the newest version of iPhone