Android App Alpha

Hi folks! Hope you all had a great summer. We've started to really buckle down on some of these project goals we've set for ourselves this year, with one of the big ones being the ever-awaited Android app.

The good news is that we have an Android app that has been created! It's not quite as feature-rich as the iOS app is, but that will come with time. We're looking for a dozen or so volunteers who can give the app a solid test drive before we release it upon to the masses. We'll also be looking for general usage feedback, which we will provide a brief survey for.

If you're interested, we just need you to send us an email! If you have an email address you use in Google Play, we will add it to our tester list and send links to purchase the app. Unfortunately there's no way to send free copies on Google Play, but we've set the price as low as possible for the time being. Testers will retain ownership of the app after it has completed testing and is live on the store.

We have enough testers now for the time being! Thanks to those who have volunteered!

More updates to come! Thanks for listening.

~ ebuch


Submitted by cacoe_man on Thu, 2015 Oct 15 - 00:33

I'm very excited to finnaly be able to listen to radio hyrule on my phone! :) thank you guys so much!

Submitted by Xykrotik on Tue, 2015 Dec 01 - 23:23

Hello FriendsNone!,

The Android App is not free and is currently under testing. The app is set at $1 in price. Upon the apps release, it still should not cost much if any. Thanks for listening!

Submitted by Yliane on Sun, 2016 Feb 14 - 20:02

I searched it in the Google Play Store but I found nothing. I'd be ready to pay 1$. How can I find this App? :)