Friday Update - May 8, 2015

"Strong as you are, though, you can't hope to beat the Gorons wrestlin' with power alone. Those Gorons are made of rock!" — Mayor Bo

A Night of Link's Awakening Music

This Thursday, May 14th, we will be hosting a LIVE listening event to premiere the Link's Awakening Orchestral Arrangement album, created by Jeremiah Sun (aka The Second Narrator). We will be airing the complete album in its entirety, along with arranger commentary! Jeremiah will be telling us about his processes and inspirations as we're guided through the album and reminiscing about one of the greatest handheld titles to date.

The event will be kicking off on Thursday at 6pm US Pacific, and should be wrapping up at around 10pm. As usual, we will be partying in the chatroom and continuing the discussion all throughout the event. Be sure to stop by!

Music Update - Various Artists

Today's new tracks include those by a handful of different artists. We have our first track from A Link Between Worlds! Check these out and enjoy:

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