Friday Update - March 20, 2015

"You are heading out on a big, new adventure, aren't you?" — Impa

We've made it to Spring! That means we're not too far off from releasing our Android app. We know you want it!

Last night, we posted a help wanted tweet for music librarians on our Twitter account, and we were pleased to be met with responses from people willing to help fill and organize our music library! We'll introduce them to everyone once the dust settles. If there's anyone else who's interested in contributing their talents to our efforts, please get in touch with us!

Music Update - TheOnlyDeerAlive

TheOnlyDeerAlive has two new tracks for us today, the first being Final Hours, and the second is Fi, featuring pianist LaRosaNoiricie. Check out the video of their collaboration below, and keep an ear out for their music on our stream!

Want your music featured in one of our music updates? Send us a link to it and we'll get back to you!

We receive questions and emails every week from our Radio Hyrule listeners, and we always answer a few of them in our Friday Updates. To submit your question, visit the contact page and fill out the form.

From Lieldorf:

Will the radio hyrule app (Android or Apple) ever have a chatroom?

That's an interesting idea! We haven't really thought about it. Most devices running our mobile apps will be too small to really be able to participate in the chatroom during peak hours (like during Hyrule Academy). That said, we will look into the idea later down the road, once the Android app has had a chance to catch up with the iOS app. We're still on track for a spring release with the Android app!

Hyrule Academy is kicking things off again tonight at 10pm US Eastern! Come join the discussion!