Friday Update - February 13, 2015

"You're late, Mikau! Where were you while you were skippin' practice?" — Japas

It's Friday the 13th! Oh yeah, and that Zelda game everyone's been asking for is finally out. Happy Majora's Mask Day!

Android Progress

I'm sure many of our eager Android anticipators will be pleased to hear that we've been receiving working builds of our first official Android app version! It's not quite ready to move into testing yet, but things are looking right on track for our goal timeframe of Spring 2015. We will let you know more specifics as we narrow in on when exactly that'll release.

Now onto the music!

Music Update - The CloudRunner

Considering Majora's Mask 3D was released today, it would have been odd to have a music update featuring music from any other game. Fortunately for us, The CloudRunner served us up with some great metal renditions of music from the N64 classic. A Terrible Fate: 72 Hours Remain is the first part in a trilogy of releases being produced by The CloudRunner. We sat him down with our Keaton masks on and asked him some questions about his latest release. Read below:

Hey The CloudRunner, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions with us! You made your Radio Hyrule debut last year with your album, Unto Ocean's End, but when did you first start getting into video game metal? Who or what inspired you?

The CloudRunner: It was around 2 years ago when I decided to take a break from working on original music. What started out as a side project has overtime become my channels main content. I had previously uploaded Zelda covers but they were orchestral based arrangements back from 2009 which are still online! Of course the music in the Zelda series has always been an integral part of the game makeup, the fact that there is a radio station dedicated to the music that appears in the series says it all.

In terms of who inspired me it was partly down to have seeing (as no doubt many of your listeners have) Artificial Fear's cover of Ballad of The Goddess on YouTube. I liked how he took the theme and rearranged the music to put his own stamp on it. It wasn't until Nintendo released Wind Waker HD did the idea really take off for me, I had seen a lot of individual covers from Zelda games but no one had really covered a full soundtrack even down to Beedle's Shop and other themes that are lesser known.

Your latest album, 72 Hours Remain, is similar in style to your last album, but it's being released in three separate parts. Could you tell us what other similarities or differences we might find between the two?

The CloudRunner: The reason for the three separate parts is that I want each album to represent a different day in the same way that Majora's Mask becomes heavier and darker as you play through the three days. In terms of musical style, 48 Hours will be more intense and 24 Hours will be focused on the moods of despair as Link reaches the end of his third day, but there will be some themes that continue throughout the three.

The idea behind these albums (similarly to Wind Waker) is that I am making almost like a "Let's Play" where the listener is taken through the game as if they were playing it. Of course a couple of themes may not be in complete chronological order for stylistic reasons but I did my best, I am sure some people will correct me for any themes being the wrong place. :)

With the arrival of Majora's Mask 3D today, 72 Hours Remain definitely launched at a very good time! Was this album an idea you came up with before or after the remake was announced last year?

The CloudRunner: I wish I could say that I meticulously planned every detail to line up with the release of Majora 3D but that wouldn't be the truth. After I completed my Wind Waker album I always knew that I would record another one in 2015. For a while I was thinking of covering Skyward Sword's soundtrack, but the way I learn the themes is from reading MIDI files, which unfortunately Skyward sword doesn't have that many online.

Once the remake was announced, I thought it would be cool to have my project released around the same time, as Majora's Mask is my favourite game from the entire Zelda series. What I didn't account for was Nintendo bringing the release date forward from Spring to February, so in all I had around 3 weeks to make 72 Hours Remain!

Wow, that's quite impressive! Hopefully you're not too burned out. Where can our listeners find the rest of your music covers and future releases?

The CloudRunner: The best way to follow me is on Facebook, or by subscribing to my YouTube channel. I'll be doing more of these Zelda albums in the future! I also collaborate with YouTube vocalists/musicians "metalizing" songs, and of course covering lots and lots of Nintendo covers!!

Thanks again for making some awesome Zelda music! We hope to share more of it with our radio listeners in the future!

The CloudRunner:I hope that everyone likes it and thank you for adding it to Radio Hyrule! you guys do a great job! :D

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From Innen:

I would like to know if there is a way to edit the volume of the stream, or if there are plans to add a volume slider of some sort.

Sounds like you're talking about our Pop-out Player!

We're glad you're thinking about the same things we are! We added the pop-out player about a year ago as a quick and dirty means of getting the stream to play in-browser. We have it in the works to make a prettier skin for it, along with the volume features you'd expect from an audio player.

For now, if you're really itching for some volume control, we highly recommend opening the stream URL in your computer's media player. Visit this page for more information on setting that up.

In case you haven't heard, Hyrule Academy is BACK for season two! You can catch episode 3 live on the air tonight at 10pm US Eastern, and if you missed any of the previous episodes, you can find them on the show page. Enjoy!