2015 State of the Station

A new year is the perfect time for reflection. Today, we're taking a look back on our year and looking for ways we can make 2015 even better. Here are some of our plans and ideas for the coming months.

Fun with numbers

Last year, roughly 10,104,579 listener connections were made to our streams (~20 connections per minute, on average). Together, they total an estimated 584,692 hours listening to the largest collection of derivative Zelda music on the internet (with an average listening time of 3 minutes 20 seconds per connection, which would be much higher if we could take reconnections and spam into consideration). To give those numbers some perspective, here are some fun facts:

  • In 2014, we served 157,273 tracks, 105,296 of which were requested by users. That's 67% requests. (Yikes.)
  • The most requested track in our library in 2014 was Her Smile in Every Summer by Hot Freaks. It was requested 346 times.
  • 10,925 listeners registered accounts last year. While many of those are likely spam, it's still enough to form a small city made entirely of Radio Hyrule listeners.
  • Bandwidth usage from the stream alone totaled over 33,874 GB. (Just over 33 TB)
  • If you started listening to all of the hours streamed in 2014 from when you were born, you'd be 66 years old by the end of it and have heard every song in our library 6,556 times.

But enough of the numbers. Let's take a look down the road.

Radio Hyrule @ MAGFest 13

We're going to MAGFest. There'll be a party. See you there!

We're planning to show up at multiple other events later this year as well.

Completely new website coming this year

We've been saying it for years, but this time it's really happening! (No, really. It is!)

While we love our tarnished gold and adorable social media Links, it's time for some change around here. Here are some things we have in mind:

  • Updated content and navigation layout
  • Similar "nighttime" color scheme (grey/gold)
  • Full switch from drupal to our own custom content management system: Magnode
  • "Prettier" formatting for pages generated by database querying
  • Responsive layout for easier viewing on mobile devices
  • Better pop-out player

Some new site features we'd like to add:
  • 10 second track previews
  • User profile editing with avatars
  • The upvote/downvote system we mentioned some time ago

Expect to see new changes coming all throughout the year.

Subscription model

One of our biggest prides is being able to operate and maintain our radio station without resorting to advertisements as means of obtaining financial stability. (The old Nintendo ads we air on the stream are purely for enjoyment -- we're not making money from them.) We are able to thrive off the generous support of community donations and our own personal funds. It's time we start giving back to those who've supported us with their rupees.

Enter the Radio Hyrule "gold membership." (We haven't come up with a proper name.) This membership would be available on a monthly or yearly basis for a small fee, and include extra site features including: (subject to change)
  • High Quality stream (current bitrate is 192kbps)
  • Priority requests and better selection of tracks available for requesting
  • Bi-monthly goodies in the mail
  • Specialty streams (such as orchestral, dance, and metal streams)
  • Username flair
  • Monthly fee would be no more than $3/month.

We'd like to begin rolling out the subscription features as we continue to develop our new website infrastructures. Those of you who have supported Radio Hyrule through a donation will be among the first users to try out the new features, perhaps while they are still in development. We'll let you know when they're available to you.

Android App

Yes, it's coming. Soon. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Sister station: Johto Radio

Last year, we unveiled our plans to create a new station similar to Radio Hyrule, Johto Radio. It will be a Pokémon equivalent to Radio Hyrule, featuring derivative music based on Pokémon themes.

Johto Radio's website won't be made available until we've finished the new Radio Hyrule website, but we've already started building up a library of Pokémon music. If you've got a collection of tracks you'd be willing to share with us, please send us an email!

Thanks for listening!

We love doing what we do, and we can't wait to share all of the new things coming this year. Your input is valuable to us, and we're always listening to what you want as a listener. Thank you so much for your support! We'll be back on Friday with more new music.



Submitted by TheTruthDE on Wed, 2015 Jan 07 - 20:12

If the gold membership (or as somebody wrote "Triforce" membership) won't cost more than 3 bucks a month, I seriously think about joining it. Let's see what the future brings...

Submitted by Salasabim on Wed, 2015 Jan 07 - 23:53

I've really enjoyed what the station has to offer. I have always been a huge Zelda fan (complete with a NES ready to play Zelda 1 & 2). Joining the "premium" club looks tempting, too. Overall, keep making the station as awesome as you can. Everyone enjoys listening.

Submitted by nickelpickel1997 on Thu, 2015 Jan 08 - 02:00

Please don't get a new website! This one's too good to let go! And if you have to, please keep the background black and grey like it is now, that would be awesome! Thank you Radio Hyrule for helping me get through hours of studying. Please keep doin' what you're doin'!

Submitted by Yurii on Thu, 2015 Feb 12 - 03:28

I've wanted something like that ever since I found Radio Hyrule. I can barely contain my excitement! Thank you so much for your hard work on this site. I rarely listen to anything else, anymore. ^^