Friday Update - November 14, 2014

"Chickens these days don't have the fighting spirit they used to!" — Cucco Keeper


'Tis the season of turkey and Smash Bros., and this year we've got things covered! With the recent arrival of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and the coming arrival of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, we figured we'd get in the spirit of things by releasing some new music! Next week we will be adding music from the 3DS title, with the Wii U music following the next week. Stay tuned, more smash is on the way!

Music Update - Harmony of Heroes

To get us pumped up for next week, we decided we'd add a new fan album to our library, Harmony of Heroes! This album was released just last month, with over 100 tracks from various franchises represented in Smash Bros. Head over to the album's website for a download if you want to check out all 7 and a half hours of it. You may find something you enjoy!

All 11 of the Zelda tracks we've added from the album were created by artists who are appearing on Radio Hyrule for their first time. Enjoy!


We receive questions and emails every week from our Radio Hyrule listeners, and we always answer a few of them in our Friday Updates. To submit your question, visit the contact page and fill out the form.

From Mike:

How will Nintendo trademarking "Hyrule" impact this station? From what I can see this pertains to just the games and not derivative works in other media; however as a nearly constant listener I want to be assured that "Radio Hyrule" will maintain the familiar name.

So far we haven't had any issues using the name 'Radio Hyrule,' and we hope that will continue! Although we can't guarantee the circumstances won't change in the future, we can assure you that we will continue to provide the content we do for as long as we are permitted.

Stick around tonight for this week's episode of Hyrule Academy, hosted by MC Gamer! The show starts at 10pm US Eastern. Have a great weekend!