Hyrule Academy - Episode 8 Now Available

Didn't get to tune in for the June 6th episode of Hyrule Academy? No worries my friend, here is the full recording of the episode!

On this episode, I talk all about the Minish Elder Ezlo from The Minish Cap! Enjoy!


Submitted by pjc20 on Wed, 2014 Jun 11 - 21:10

I found the link it's https://radiohyrule.com/shows/hyrule-academy/archive/HyruleAcademy_1-08_Ezlo.mp3
if that doesn't work try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byo8xF1Tlg4&list=UU6MqXe9o-xBQHzE-DmebTRw