Radio Hyrule iOS Application

It's finally here! We're proud to announce the release of our first mobile application for iOS devices!

Listeners can now quickly tune into Radio Hyrule and also request songs directly from the app. For more features and information, head over to our mobile application page.

You can download the Radio Hyrule app for $0.99 using the link above or by searching the app store on your device. By purchasing the app, you are helping to fund future app development and to keep our servers online.

I'd like to personanlly thank the developers of the app, who have been working very hard for the last two years to make sure it is a very stable app capable of always being at your convenience. Thanks to everyone for your support, and happy listening!~


Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sun, 2013 Jul 14 - 01:23

This is wonderful news! It has been a long time coming, and it is great to hear that an official Radio Hyrule app has been completed.

However, I have a problem: I don't have an iOS device; heck, I try not to touch anything with an Apple logo on it. As such, will we be seeing an Android app any time in the near- to nearish-future?

Submitted by zora tunic for ... on Sun, 2013 Jul 14 - 23:58

hey i just downloed it today on my andriod device ant i works fine. it will come up on the app store if you search "radio hyrule" . its called "Game Music Radio -8bit sound". the app has about 30 stations including "radio hyrule" and "the spinning stream" which plays the zelda radio show on fridays on there shannal and radio hyrule.if you scroll to the top of raido hyrules home page and click shows you will find it. And if you still cant find the app the developers name is "DEVELOPERCAT". hoped this help

Submitted by EzloSpirit on Sun, 2013 Jul 28 - 00:40

Thanks for the tip, but I already have an app that plays Radio Hyrule relatively stably on my phone. I was actually asking if we will be seeing the OFFICIAL Radio Hyrule app on Android anytime soon.

For the record, The Windmill Hut (TSS's Zelda music show) is an awesome show!

Submitted by azulhombre on Fri, 2013 Aug 16 - 01:28

They said they've got no word on an Android release yet, but they would love to have one, so hopefully we'll see one in the future!

Submitted by Calikal on Tue, 2013 Nov 12 - 16:50

It's always weird to me when a company decides to launch their app on the App store first, then we wait forever for an android version, despite androids being the majority phone type now, plus the App Store is more restrictive than the android marketplace/Google play store is. Why not just go for the bigger market first, and then adapt it down to the App Store level?

Submitted by lykchen on Wed, 2013 Nov 13 - 10:07

Neither Radio Hyrule nor the app developers are actually companies. The station is a fan project, and the app exists for convenience and to support the project.

So why is only iOS supported so far?
When the staff called for mobile developers quite some time ago, some individuals volunteered, me being one of them. At that time I was merely playing around with iOS development out of pure interest. Why iOS? Because I had an iPhone. The Radio Hyrule app was an opportunity for me to build something meaningful from start to finish and support this great radio station.
Others started working on other platforms, but only the iOS app made it to the app store so far because it takes a significant amount of time to create these apps.

I hope this sheds some light on this—there never was an actual decision to support iOS first. This is just how it turned out to be.

Submitted by Founder on Thu, 2013 Nov 14 - 06:54

We actually did have a small team of developers working on an Android app, but they soon had to discontinue development due to other priorities in their lives. There is just so much work involved with creating and supporting a mobile app.

That said, we would LOVE to release an Android app, but we haven't found a developer who has enough time, dedication, and experience to do so. We definitely aren't trying to alienate the Android user base--we simply don't have the resources to make it happen right now.

Hope that sheds some light on the discussion!

Submitted by Sage of Time on Wed, 2014 Jan 22 - 21:32

That rupie is well done. I tried making a triforce out of /'s &\'s, but it did not work out

Submitted by Sericikana on Thu, 2014 Jan 23 - 13:28

i do alot of ascii art so.... anyway here


Submitted by Sage of Time on Thu, 2014 Jan 23 - 21:52

That is a good triforce, althogh the Triforce of Courage's right corner is a little misaligned.

Submitted by Sericikana on Fri, 2014 Jan 24 - 13:48

Thats one that im still working on. That's actually for yo uto copy, paste, and use later. you can mess with it later

Submitted by Magiobiwan on Mon, 2013 Jul 15 - 06:59

I haven't downloaded it yet, but assuming it functions, I'll be SO HAPPY to be able to use this instead of the stream open in Safari/Chrome for iOS, where I'm unable to request and stuff. GREAT WORK GUYS!

Submitted by CMT on Thu, 2013 Jul 25 - 18:09

Instabuy ;)

Thank you so much for that App. Waited so long for it, but it was worth it. Great stuff :)

Submitted by s_squall on Fri, 2013 Aug 02 - 09:10

This is a pretty rad app, props to the developers!

Submitted by Time's Quill on Sun, 2013 Aug 18 - 21:29

It's finally here! Congrats to everyone who worked on it; I'm going to use this so much once I get my phone! :D

Submitted by HyruLyn on Fri, 2013 Aug 30 - 10:40

I have had a Radio Hyrule app on my Android for quite a while now and it was free. It's called Radio Hyrule Unofficial. But it would be nice to have an official one that I can request songs from.

Submitted by RandumbCa1ler on Sat, 2013 Sep 07 - 02:35

It's probably been answered but when is it coming out for android, if at all?

Submitted by WolfLink on Wed, 2013 Sep 25 - 04:21

It's a great app, and its even easier to browse and request songs than on the computer. However, it needs some support for managing and requesting songs from the user's favorites.

Submitted by Sericikana on Wed, 2013 Dec 11 - 13:35

i second that. now if only they would add ephixia's Zelda album to the song list.

Submitted by Neos_Prime on Tue, 2013 Nov 12 - 21:16

an app for windows devices. I just accidentally dropped my iPod Touch down a flight of stairs ~2 or so weeks ago; now all I have is my Surface tablet, and that means I don't have access to play Radio Hyrule's live streams or to make a request. Please, please, please make an app for those with Widows devices!

Submitted by Koaten Kakurega on Sat, 2014 Jan 25 - 08:59

I don't think Radio Hyrule has money to just go and hire any developers they need for various devices. From what I have gathered, the Official iOS app was created by volunteers. I'd imagine the the iOS SDK is much different than the ones for Windows and/or Android, so don't expect them to get to work on those right away -- if ever.
I'd love to learn about app development and join/start a team for making a Radio Hyrule app for other devices, but I'm currently in the need of getting a real job as soon as possible.

Submitted by The Watcher on Sun, 2014 Jan 05 - 04:27

Makes it easier to listen to the best radio station, but couldn't they make it free so more people could use it?

Submitted by Sage of Time on Sun, 2014 Jan 05 - 17:46

the reason the app is not free is because Radio Hyrule requires funds, which come from the app and donations. Plus the app is only about 99 cents (Using U.S. currency), which is less than one song generally is on iTunes.

Submitted by ZeldaFreak785 on Mon, 2014 Jan 06 - 00:49

there are some songs on itunes that are 99 cents and 69 cents and you have to pay tax on apps

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Sun, 2014 Feb 09 - 04:10

It saddens me that people expect it to be free. What's $1? Support this beautiful service if you want to see it continue!

Submitted by The Watcher on Wed, 2014 Jan 08 - 07:03

Now that you point it out, that does make sense. Thanks!

Submitted by mikejcsauer on Sun, 2014 Feb 09 - 04:09

Have I been away for THAT long!? This is fantastic news!