New Batch of New Music

Hi folks, sorry for the long break in posts! We're back with some fresh new tracks that have been added to the library.

First up, we have eleven demo tracks from M. Bulteau's Majora's Mask Opera, Majora, including one I don't think you'll find anywhere else! If you missed our recent interview with him about his project make sure you go check it out.

Other new additions this batch include some Symphony of the Goddesses tracks, one of which is a better recording of the E3 Overture track we've been playing for the last year or so. The rest of the tracks are mostly from Newgrounds or Dwelling of Duels.. Make sure you check out one of my favorites, Full Mast by virt and Snappleman.

Check out a full list of all of the new tracks here!


Submitted by Ganondork on Fri, 2012 Sep 14 - 17:23

I'm so excited to see the demos from Majora in the library!