Hyrulecraft Alpha Now Available for Download

A few months back, we reported about an ongoing fan project dedicated to recreating Ocarina of Time's Hyrule in Minecraft. The Hyrulecraft team of creators have been working tirelessly since May 2011 to do just that, and today, they can proudly announce the project's alpha release. Check out the release trailer below!

The map is free to download from the project's main page, along with the "Majora's Craft" texture pack that is being associated with Hyrulecraft.

The full release of the game will feature "many RPG and MMO aspects such as quests, classes, experience and leveling, and a fan-written storyline that continues the story after the events of OOT's child timeline." Definitely something for Minecraft/Zelda fans to look forward to in the future!

Source: Hyrulecraft Project Page

PS: I totally helped spread leaves on the Great Deku Tree's head...


Submitted by JAH007 on Mon, 2012 Jan 23 - 02:36

Who ever helped make the map I must commend them on the detail and work. You all have my regards.

Submitted by tinkertot on Tue, 2014 Jun 10 - 20:40

Many people helped make hyrule but Benny takes all the praise for it. hes got a bit of an ego and a god complex. Plus most of the staff are rude as hell. I used to go to admire the map that's it... but after learning he takes credit form others works well.. I don't visit any more.

Submitted by Lyrina25 on Tue, 2013 Aug 27 - 07:32

As a regular hyrulecraft visitor, I can easily and honestly say that it's ALWAYS being made better. Benny, the owner, and his team of builders are constantly looking over what needs to be made better.

And it's not just the Hyrule part of it that's cool. It has two Dark Cloud towns, badlands, and the main world with a plethora of plugins to make the entire server GREAT!