25YEARLEGEND Album by OC ReMix

Remixing community OverClocked ReMix released a new official album today in honor of Zelda's 25th anniversary. The album features 18 arrangements covering themes from across all of the Zelda games that have been released.

What makes this album even more interesting is that most of the remixers who contributed to the project have also composed music for a significant title in the indie game community! It's really cool to see a collaboration like this in honor of Zelda. It goes to show how much Zelda music has influenced the game music genre as a whole! You can download the album from here.

The songs themselves are very well-made and are fun to listen to. We'll be adding the full collection to the Radio Hyrule library in the coming week when we add a lot of other new tracks as well.

Links: 25YEARLEGEND Main Page | OverClocked ReMix Homepage


Submitted by da_bazz on Tue, 2011 Nov 22 - 19:53

Composer from plants vs zombies, minecraft and mass effect 2. Loved those games and glad to see they love zelda aswell :D