Worldwide Zelda Flipnote Winners

The results are in! After reviewing a month's worth of Flipnote submissions from around the world celebrating The Legend of Zelda's 25th Anniversary, 15 winners each from each region have been revealed. Check out the sites for each region to see some amazing animations created by fans around the world, along with some staff submissions!

Read more to see their artistic creations.

At the bottom of the North American website, staff flipnotes from Nintendo of America include a brief on their animation and what The Legend of Zelda series means to them. Feel inspired? You can watch and learn how to draw Toon Link and Adult Link too.

Flipnote Studio is an animation creator exclusive for the Nintendo DSi enabling artists of any experience to draw, add music and sound effects, import images using the camera A Nintendo, and share with friends or upload to the Flipnote Hatena website for the public to see. A Nintendo 3DS version is on the way under the name of Flipnote Memo.

Source: Zelda Flipnote (North America) | Zelda Flipnote (Europe) | Zelda Flipnote (Japan)