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Possibility of Another Symphony CD

Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

Nintendo World Report recently had an interview with Jeron Moore, the creative producer of Symphony of the Goddesses. Some interesting points were brought up; towards the end it was hinted that another CD containing what was not released with Skyward Sword's Symphony CD will be on it.

NWR: I did have one special request to ask you. At the end of this tour, will you release a new CD with all the new content that wasn't on the Skyward Sword disc?

JM: All I can say is… that's something that we're working on at this time. Because the disc with Skyward Sword has been so close to release, Nintendo doesn't want to move forward quite yet. But send them your request; I think they listen. So you bug them enough, maybe there will be something. I would love to do that.

Source: Nintendo World Report

Ultimate Zeldathon for Child's Play

The Ultimate Zeldathon starts today at 4pm EDT and will run for five days to raise money for the Child's Play Charity! Support their efforts by donating and sharing with your friends!

This event is now over. A total of $27,175.62 was raised in donations!

Zeldathon is a charity gaming marathon held by the Fun For Freedom team twice a year to benefit a worthy charity. To date, they have raised over $35,000 for various charities including the Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, and the American Cancer Society.

This summer's marathon, to benefit the Child's Play Charity (See Right Sidebar) aims to be the most "Ultimate" Zeldathon ever. Through awesome gameplay, exciting races and challenges and Zeldathon's infamous punishments, they are sure to make you laugh as they play, sing and dance their way to raising tons of money for the amazing Child's Play Charity.

Source: The Zeldathon Network

Ocarina of Time Battle Metal Cover

Source: YouTube

Journey: A Zelda Medley

Source: YouTube

State of the Station - Summer 2012

Our last State of the Station address was last August when we changed our name to Radio Hyrule. We're due for another address, so read on.

Site Features

  • Last year we increased the site's functionality by creating individual pages for all songs, artists, and albums. With that feature came back the ability for users to request songs to be aired. Everything was working perfectly and looked great up until a difficult CMS upgrade which wrecked havoc among many of our sites page and features. The song pages and commenting systems were especially affected, and restoring everything has proven to be an incredibly daunting task.
  • We've decided that we're better off by scrapping the current site and rebuilding a new one with more growth in mind. Later this summer we will be reconstructing the site with a new layout and more efficient features. If there is anyone willing to help us with this, please contact us!
  • Our mobile applications are once again back in development after being on a long hiatus. iOS development has been taken over by two new individuals; thanks Ted and Danny! There's no release date set for the apps yet, but it's looking really nice and is being equipped with requesting capabilities, so you will be able to request songs right from your app! Thanks for your patience.

Future Plans

  • In addition to the new Radio Hyrule site, we also have our eyes set on building a new remixing-community-esque site in conjunction with Zelda Reorchestrated. We're still working out all of the ideas and details of that project, so we're not going to say anything else for now.

In conclusion

    Stephen, Austin, and I have all been very busy lately with school, work, and choir recordings, which is mainly why we haven't been able to keep up with posting all of the latest news and videos in Zelda music. If you're interested in helping us out with our front page content, contact us with your best writing skills and we will set you up. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  • A huge thanks goes out to the individuals who have contributed financially to our site! Hosting a good-quality audio stream for thousands of people each year isn't cheap. We can only stay online as long as we can afford to pay the bills, and any help we receive makes a big difference! If you enjoy listening to Radio Hyrule, please consider sending us a donation.
That's about all I have for this State of the Station address.. We'll try to have the next one this winter! Thanks for visiting Radio Hyrule!

New Music!

Hi folks, sorry for the very long delay in front page postings.. I just arrived out on the west coast, where I will be looking for a job or an internship for the summer! Sometime next week I will be posting the State of the Station for Summer 2012.. just need some time to get myself situated at my new home. =)

You might have already noticed some new recent additions to the Radio Hyrule music library. Newcomer Viol sent us a compilation of tracks he made a while back (sorry for taking so long!). We've also added a few more from Blake Robinson, along with a full album of tracks by Cory Johnson. His album just recently came out and has gained quite a bit of popularity around the internet. If you're interested in downloading his entire album, head over to his Bandcamp website and drop him some spare change if you can!

More updates on the way.. I promise!

Vancouver Observer Interviews Zelda Symphony Team

Producer, Jeron Moore
In anticipation of the upcoming Symphony of the Goddesses concert in Vancouver this Wednesday, local news provider The Vancouver Observer recently interviewed a couple members of the core team behind the Zelda Symphony: Producer Jeron Moore, and Music Director Chad Seiter.

The interview talks a lot about how the tour came to be about, along with some interesting behind-the-scenes information that someone might not even think about. You can read the full interview here. One thing fans might be particularly happy to hear is that fan response will actually make a difference when deciding which pieces get added to the tour.

Music Director, Chad Seiter
"We have designed our show so we can keep on adding new pieces whenever we want. We want to let the audiences know that we listen to their feedback and often times I’ll write arrangements based on fan response. They have all been very supportive and it’s incredibly appreciated. It lets us constantly evolve our show and as a result, I don’t feel like any two shows are the same." - Chad Seiter

If you plan on going to a show sometime this year, make sure you snatch your tickets soon before all the good seats are gone! More dates are to be announced, so sign up for their newsletter on the Zelda Symphony website to find out when it's coming near you!

Source: The Vancouver Observer

More Tour Dates for Symphony of the Goddesses Tour

In an email sent out early this morning, Nintendo has announced six more tour dates for the Symphony of the Goddesses tour. Check out the times below!

Los Angeles, CA - June 6 (E3)
Houston, TX - July 7
San Diego, CA - July 12 (Comic-Con)
Philadelphia, PA - July 25
Vienna, VA - July 26
Minneapolis, MN - September 22

"This concert program is a truly special event for so many people who grew up playing The Legend of Zelda," notes Jason Michael Paul, executive producer of Jason Michael Paul Productions. "The new tour dates are helping us bring this unique experience to fans across the country."

Make sure you remember to claim your 15% discount on tickets by logging into your Club Nintendo account and clicking on the Zelda Symphony banner!

Check out the Zelda Symphony website for a full list of tour dates and for booking tickets.


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